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Digital Marketing to the Mobile Consumer


The world has become virtually dependent on mobility and being able to access all information on the go. With this dependence, mobile devices are constantly changing in regards to size, speed and capabilities to keep up with the newly realized wants of the consumer. These changes mean that digital marketers have to possess the fluidity and overall ability to adjust and tweak their campaigns.

Marketers and brands phasing into the digital world, as all have to do if they want to survive, need to market to the necessity of easy access to information. Consumers are constantly moving from one site to another gathering information, shopping, making purchases and the digital marketer has to consider marketing to this consumer as well as to the device that the consumer uses. Marketing towards a consumer that uses a PC more than a smartphone is quite different as the smartphone user is typically on the go and rarely has the time to wait for delays and spinning wheels.

Gone are the days of fighting for toys and clothes in long lines at big box stores. Consumers are spending more time online which means less time and stress in a store. Cyber Monday is gaining more purchases than Black Friday as there’s less of a want or need to go out into the unpredictable madness that could spark at any moment. Marketing to the shorter attention span and impatience of today’s consumer requires the development and planning of how to keep them engaged once they are on a website. LifeinMobile CEO, John Lim mentioned, “They demand quick and easy access to information, deals, and content, along with the ability to react to it in an instant. And most of all, consumers want to understand the value a product or service will bring to their lives.”

Something in the nature of digital and video ads for apps like Instagram and Facebook are a fairly new trend that draws millions of viewers. Staying on top of such trends and new developments has to be in the plans for any digital marketer. Another challenge to face is how to market to the consumer while still marketing for the particular device they utilize. The online world changes at a moments notice and this manifests with consumers as they use their mobile device for everything from shopping for clothing to shopping for groceries.

The successful marketers will find a way to stay ahead of the trends and changes instead of trying to catch up.

-Andre’ M. Hampton